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Contact Lenses

Be Free with Contact Lenses

You need your eyewear to see and function but you have moments when you wish you had another option. On those rainy days, sporty days, and those days that turn to nights contact lenses can offer you the freedom you want.


You want to be eyewear free

Are you tired of wiping your glasses when it rains or when they fog up when you’re wearing your mask? Do hate your glasses bouncing up and down when you’re playing sports?  Or do want a different look when you’re going out, or at work, because you feel more confident and more you without your glasses? 

Contact lenses are simple when you speak to an expert

You’ll have access to a complete range of contact lenses from leading manufactures Cooper Vision (Sauflon), Bausch + Lomb, Alcon (CIBA vision) and Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue and more

Our optometrist Indy, will fit you with the perfect contact lenses. Knowing where to start and what’s best can be confusing but Indy will make things simple and give you all the options.

Loxley's Contact Lens Club flexible, affordable and hassle-free

If you’ve not worn contact lenses before Indy will show you how to look after your eyes while using contact lenses, and teach you how to put them in and out.

If you’re planning to wear contact lenses regularly you’ll want to join the Loxley Contact Lens Club for a flexible and hassle-free way of receiving your contact lenses.

Start your contact lens journey today

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3. Be Glasses-free & Join the Loxley Contact Lens Club


Do not continue getting annoyed and frustrated with your eyewear, set yourself free.


Be the natural confident you with contact lenses fitted by an expert at Loxley

Here at Loxley we take eye care seriously. We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of care, in an open and relaxed environment.

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