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Eye tests

More than just sight

Our eyes are our windows to the outside world. They help us to navigate, avoid danger and collect memories. At our Nottingham City Centre opticians we offer NHS sight tests, Private sight tests and corporate eye tests. To see if you qualify for a FREE Eye Test visit the NHS guidelines or contact us. We also accept Edenred Eyecare Vouchers.

The window to our soul

There is truth behind the age old saying “The eyes are the window to our soul”. Our eyes can tell us a lot about our general health. Signs of blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol can be seen in the eye. A Loxley Eye Test screens for many eye conditions such as cataracts, age related macular degeneration (ARMD) and glaucoma. We also screen for and manage blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and dry eyes.

At Loxley we take our time which is why we allow 45 minutes for your eye exam, where most places will rush through a sight test in 20 minutes. Here we conduct a history and symptoms, check both the front and back of your eyes, asses your visual fields, check your internal ocular pressure, assess your binocular vision and finally measure your prescription. The extra time also gives us the opportunity to understand the visual challenges you face, tailoring our advice to you.

A Loxley eye test is more than just a sight test.

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