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The New Normal

Safe Store Procedures and Protective Measures

We have made some changes to our daily working habits to keep you and the Loxley team as safe as possible.


–The Loxley Team will maintain a distance of 2 meters from you, unless it is necessary to get closer for clinical reasons.

– Only one person is allowed in-store at any given time unless being accompanied by someone from the same household, a parent, guardian (under 18s), carer, or translator. We have re-positioned stools, chairs and set out markers on the floor so it is clear how to navigate the store.

– Where possible we will post your eyewear and contact lenses to minimise the visits you make to the store.

– Your visits to the store will be by appointment only. If you attend the store without an appointment you will be asked to return when a time slot is available.

– We have removed all our copies of the Leftlion and magazines

– We encourage contactless card payments where possible and discourage the use of cash. We will follow infection control if cash is used. We will ask you to use your own pen (if you have one) to sign forms.

– We have a screen guard in place on eye testing equipment and our front desk.

– We have (70% alcohol) hand sanitiser which must be used upon entry.

Infection control

– We disinfect everything that you come into contact with using alcohol wipes and frequently clean surfaces that are touched by the Loxley Team. All surfaces are cleaned before they are disinfected. We open doors for you, to avoid you touching the handle. All door handles are regularly disinfected.

– We use the recommended cleaning and disinfecting products. Aprons and disposable gloves used for cleaning will be double bagged and disposed of after 72hours.

– We have tissues and bins available and support good tissue practice ‘catch it, kill it, bin it’

– To encourage regular hand hygiene, we have hand sanitiser available in multiple locations.

– The Loxley Team will wear appropriate PPE if we need to see patients at less than 2 meters distance.

The Loxley Team

– All the Team has been appropriately trained in infection control policy and are kept up to date with changes in national public health guidance and government policy.

– The team is aware of the symptoms of possible COVID-19 and will not attend the store if they, or any of their household, display these symptoms, as per government advice.

– We are minimising the mixing of staff and the number of staff you will see during your visit.

Our Patients

– When you make an appointment, and on the day of your appointment, we will ask you if you are well, and that no one in your household is exhibiting relevant symptoms (new, continuous cough; high temperature, and/or loss of or change in taste or smell). If you have these symptoms or have someone in your household with these symptoms, you should not attend the store and should self-isolate (if you have COVID symptoms AND feel your sight is affected we will arrange a phone/video consultation and if needed make arrangements for you to be seen at a hospital).

– We ask you to come to the store alone, where possible. Companions can wait outside and a child should be accompanied by one parent only.

– Please wear a face mask if you have one.

– Please sanitise your hands on entering and leaving the store.


– When you book an appointment, we will ask the reason for your booking, so we can allocate an appropriate amount of time for your visit.

– We may ask certain clinical questions over the phone to minimise your time in the consulting room.

– We will use appropriate equipment to reduce contact during the consultation.

Visit Loxley in complete confidence

Easing of restrictions

The government has relaxed the restrictions on eye examinations.

If you feel that your eyes have changed and you need to update your glasses prescription, we can now see you for an eye test.

We can also help if you’ve lost or damaged your glasses or sunglasses.

Exclusive store access …

All visits to Loxley MUST be by appointment to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone.

Whether you need an eye test and new glasses, a simple repair or adjustment, you will still need to make an appointment.

Please visit our booking page or call the practice to arrange a visit.


NHS England’s definition of ‘essential eyecare’ which can now be carried out:

“This includes but is not limited to appointments for patients who would not normally be considered to be emergencies, but where, in the practitioner’s professional judgment, a delay in an examination may be detrimental to a patient’s sight or wellbeing. This may include where patients have broken or lost their glasses or contact lenses and need a replacement pair to function.”

Examples include:

  • Patients who require an appointment due to clinical risk factors that are being monitored by the clinician. 
  • Patients with a minor reduction in vision, and patients with broken spectacles that have been “making do” with older spectacles with an out-of-date prescription. 
  • Patients who are anxious or concerned about their vision, in the absence of clear clinical indications. 

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